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About SpendBT

We'll accept your Bitcoin, sell it instantly, and automatically credit your Visa card with Canadian dollars.

You can send Bitcoin to:
  • Canadian Visa Credit Cards
  • Canadian Reloadable Visa Prepaid Cards

SpendBT.com gives every Canadian Visa card a Bitcoin address -- to accept payments from anywhere in the world!

SpendBT is great for:
  • Buying almost anything with Bitcoin, using your Visa
  • Reimbursing a friend's Visa (Concert tickets, Dinner Out etc)
  • Sending money to friends & family in Canada

Watch a live demo on Decentral.TV (4 min):


From day one, SpendBT has been committed to keeping customer data safe and using our Bug Bounty Program we continue to improve.

SpendBT is a thin web app; we're lightweight. Our codebase does not contain private keys for wallets or database encryption. All customer data is transmitted over the latest TLS/SSL. It's encrypted using public/private key cryptography for storage. After 15 days, we delete your encrypted credit card data.

We generate/store/use private keys offline — in secure, off-site locations.

SpendBT does not act as a bank or take any customer deposits. All payments are immediately processed.

PCI DSS Compliance: SpendBT recognizes the efforts of the traditional Payments Card Industry - and is proud to meet & exceed their specification. However, Bitcoin operations hinge on the most modern security practices and QuickBT Processing Inc. has delivered since 2013.


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