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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does SpendBT do?

A: We accept Bitcoin from you. We then take this Bitcoin and convert it into dollars. We then pay those dollars to the Visa card of your choosing. Because this happens automatically in one step, it's like giving your Visa card a Bitcoin address. SpendBT currently charges a two percent service fee.

Q: How long does SpendBT take?

A: We instantly receive your Bitcoin and buy dollars with it - securing your exchange rate. Visa credits take as long as bill payments - from as fast as 3 business days and within 8 business days. If you haven't received your order after 8 business days, contact us!

Q: What happens if I don't send enough Bitcoin?

A: Our intelligent payment system will prompt you to "top-up" your order. Simply top it up, or if possible, choose to receive a lower payment amount.

Q: What happens if I send too much Bitcoin?

A: Our intelligent payment system will convert any Bitcoin sent and pays it to the Visa. If you pay more, it will simply top up your payment to Visa.

Q: How is my data secured?

A: SpendBT takes our obligation to protect customer data seriously.

SpendBT uses SSL to secure the connection between your computer and our website.

SpendBT encrypts your name, credit card number, and transaction details with our public key. Should an issue arise with your order, we're able to locate it using our offline private key. After 15 days we destroy the encrypted card data, so please contact us if you have not received your payment within 7 days.


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